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26/07/2017 - Pica d'Estats (3.143m) via Réfuge du Pinet
Cim de la Pica d'Estats - Etang de Pinet About 2 years ago, I promised Judit that someday we would go hiking with a tent. The initial idea was to cross from la Vall de Núria to Carança through the Nou Creus summit. But realizing that Judit is going to University next year, I thought it was better to do something more exciting and I suggested to hike la Pica d’Estats. At 3,143 metres altitude, Pica d’Estats is the highest mountain in the Catalan Pyrenees and one of the most iconic climbs for Catalan mountaineers. 


24/12/2016 - Canal Roja, Montserrat
Canal Roja - MontserratCom ja va sent tradició, pels volts de Nadal, amb en Jaume ens hem aventurat a fer la Canal Roja de Montserrat. Una col·lección de rappels força llargs entre mig de una canal estreta i humida.

16/04/1992 - Toubkal 1992
Cim del Toubkal (4.165m) Atlas.During the easter break of 1992, Albert, Anna, Angel, Budri, Ermelinda, Jaume, and I undertook one of the most exciting adventures - climbing to the summit of the Toubkal (4165 metres) in the Atlas mountains, in africa. It would be 10 very intense days, 4000 kilometres in a classic Landrover cazorla. We slept in a stone quarry, at the home of the porters of Imil, on the snow and the parking lot of the ferry of Ceuta. We were in the middle of a protest demanding the dimission of the government delegate, and we had to sleep with the propane gas bottles in our sleeping bag to cook breakfast...