Jordi Duran i Batidor

Datacenter in Montreal


I'm an passionate technology geek specialised in Internet, Mobile, IoT and New Media. I'm currently working as Chief Architect for Resideo in their Products and Solutions division. Previously I was the Global System Architecture Lead for Honeywell HBT, and Principal Product Owner (Scrum) for Exponential and before CTO for highly innovative startups from around the globe. I'm Telecommunications and Electronics engineering, with entrepreneurship spirit and good understanding of Business and Marketing.

E-Learning in Mexico


I dream with a better world, a world with less injustice, more solidarity, cleaner, and safer. I think the best way I can help is by sharing my knowledge, time, and experience with the great non-profits that are already working to improve the world, and for that I'm supporting Iwith.org Foundation, a non-profit project to use ICT to help non-profit organisations to become more efficient and communicate better with their stakeholders..



One of my biggest passion is for the nature and outdoors. When I was younger I did some incredible journeys that get me to climb the Mont Blanc 4,810 m (France), Monte Rosa 4,634 m (Italy), Toubkal 4,167 m (Moroco), Aneto 3,404m (Spain). Now I'm enjoying lower altitudes, but magnificent views like Yosemite (USA), Shali Peak in India Himalayas, and Switzerland meadows and forests.

My Projects

Here you have some of projects that I'm collaborating, or I have collaborated in the past.

  • Resideo
  • MD&S Merck
  • Honeywell ACS Software CoE
  • Exponential Inc.
  • Appsnack.com
  • Iniciatives Vivixi
  • Adforum.com
  • Video
  • Springboost.com
  • Incale,S.L.
  • Aibits.com
  • terra networks
  • Video
  • Video
  • Xarxa Cinet

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