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Wednesday 12 th August 2015
Creux de Champ, DiableretsCreux de Champ has been a surprise. Our intial intention was to strech our legs, but the hike has surprised us with incredibles views and majesitc waterfalls with the source on the Glacier 3000 glacier.

Monday 10 th August 2015
Roc du CâteletAvui hem anat a fer el que tenia que ser una passejada, en realitat hem fet una excursió molt interessant. El cami comença a la cabana de Benjamine, que esta a un parell de curves d'arribar al parking de Solalex. 

Solalex és una esplanada o pastura increible que hi ha al final del cami del mateix nom que surt desde la plaça de la Barbaluouse a Gryon.

Sunday 24 th May 2015
Llac Tanay - Miex FlonYou can get to the small village of Tanay by Taxi, or by a 4x4. Otherwise, you have to park your car at the car park in Flon, from which point on there is a path for you to hike to Tanay. Nevertheless, in entering the town of Flon, there was a person organising where we were meant to park our car who did not appear like he would let us go on even if our car fitted the requirements.

There is a path that is well signaled to the right of the trail, right after the car park. The path goes through an alpine forest which protects us from the sun, but that doesn't stop us from sweating, seeing as the slope is so steep. Throughout our excursion, we met with several people, the majority of which were mountaineers - but do not be surprised to meet someone wearing ballerina shoes, struggling to climb the steep slope, slipping on the moving rocks under their feet. 

As we arrive to the col of Tanay where the taxi stop is, we can see the first few houses. As we descend to the lake we can see the mountain refuges and restaurants.

The village of Tanay or Taney is the perfect base for the ascencion to the Grammont or Les Jumelles, but it is not time today. I am looking forward to coming back when we have more time.

Sunday 10 th May 2015
This weekend we went on a small excursion to the Col de la Givrine. The Col de la Givrine is situated above Saint-Cergue before arriving at the border between la Cure (Switzerland) and France. Surprisingly, the majority of the path is paved.. Next time we will take our bike instead.

The path is slightly uphill, and it is very well signaled, and is surrounded by many other paths which inspire us for future excursions.

Here, during the winter season, we can find people snowshoeing, or cross-country skiing, and even riding on dog sledges. 
In the summer we find people riding their bicycles and most of all, a lot of people in the mountain restaurants to taste the typical swiss cuisine.


Sunday 5 th April 2015
El Panta de Santa Fe del Montseny is one of the first natural parks I have ever visited. The walk was very calm - the greatest risk would involve getting angry at a tourist who thinks the mountain is an amusement park, or a space where everyone can have a barbecue without any sort of consideration or respect for the environment.

We arrived when there was still some space for us to park our car at the parking lot. It was a cloudy day and it was cold, which was why we decided to have a brief walk. We had work to do, and little interest in feeling cold.

The walk wasn't much more than an hour of stopping to take pictures at each flower sighted...

When we arrived at the parking lot, it was a total mess. Very chaotic, almost like the exit of a football stadium. 

A recommended walk. If the weather happens to be nice, take advantage of it and make the excursion longer!

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