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Saturday 25 th October 2014
This weekend, we hiked the Puigpedros with the people from Gels.

Sunday 28 th September 2014
Vistes desde el MolesonThe mythical mountain that can be seen in the background of the photos of the castle of Gruyères is the Moleson. An important elevation of 2.002m in the middle of nowhere. The excursion begins at the parking of the ski station of the Moléson-Village. From the summit, there are impressive views of plains, pastures and meadows to the west, and magestic glaciers of the Alps to the east. Bored of seeing so many people, and seeing that there was another summit close by to the col, we decided to take a short trip towards it. 

Thursday 16 th April 1992
Cim del Toubkal (4.165m) Atlas.During the easter break of 1992, Albert, Anna, Angel, Budri, Ermelinda, Jaume, and I undertook one of the most exciting adventures - climbing to the summit of the Toubkal (4165 metres) in the Atlas mountains, in africa. It would be 10 very intense days, 4000 kilometres in a classic Landrover cazorla. We slept in a stone quarry, at the home of the porters of Imil, on the snow and the parking lot of the ferry of Ceuta. We were in the middle of a protest demanding the dimission of the government delegate, and we had to sleep with the propane gas bottles in our sleeping bag to cook breakfast...

Thursday 25 th July 1991
During the summer of 1991, a group of friends decided to cross the pyrenees. The route we chose went from Sallent de Gallego to  the Vall d'Ordesa. The idea was to cross from the top and reach all the summits possible in 10 days. And as we didnt have too much money, we would sleep in a tent, and we would carry all our food for the 10 days at our backs. It was an incredible adventure, where we fully enjoyed the mountains, and we went hungry until we ate bread we found on the floor or collected the left-overs from the plates of the refuge of Goriz that people wouldn't eat. That said, we did eleven 3.000 metre-mountains in 9 days.

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